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  • Alphagalactosidase 150mg


  • Indigestion & Flatulance
  • Small bowel bacterial over growth
  • Infection caused by H.Pylori
  • Immune system modulation

Enhances the digestive process & significantly reduces the symptoms of excess gases

Treats complex carbohydrate intolerance

Break down the complex carbohydrate into easily absorbed gases

Preevens the overgrowth of bacteria which cause irritable bowel syndrome

Improce the immunity to fight against body toxins

Ensures protection from mortality & sudden death following cardiac disease

Increases HDL cholesterol & decreases triglycerides that circulates in the body

Relaxes uterine smooth muscles & vessels during pregnancy

Limits the production of specific prostaglandins associated with mania or depression

Reduces joint stiffness & pain, increases grip strength & enhances walking pace in osteoarthritic patients

Decreases histologic evidences of glomerular damage & reduces proteinura.