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  • Collagen peptides (Type 1) 175mg+Grape seed extract 10mg+Green tea extract (eq. to 90% polyphenols) 10mg+ Calcium pantothenate 10mg+ Nicotinamide 20mg+Vitamin C 15mg+Biotin 10mg+ Choline bitartate 10mg+Inosita 10mg+ Folic acid 0.2mg+ Vitamin B6 1.5mg+ L-Methionine 40mg+ L-Cysteine 10mg+L-Lysine 10mg+ Zinc 7.5mg+ Iron 7.5mg+Copper 1.7mg+Sillica 2mg+ Selenium 0.05mg.


Collagen Peptide

  • Maintains healthy bones, cartilage kin & connective tissues

Grape seed extract

  • Helps reduce high cholesterol also protects cell damage

Green tea extract

  • Improves mental alertness and cognitive activity


  • Helps maintain steady blood sugar level

mso-hansi-theme-font:major-latin'>Useful in alopecia (partial or complete loss of hair) in both children & adults

Helps in the synthesis & release of insulin

Improves glucose tolerance & decreases insulin resistance

Reduces symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes.